CAD/CAM/Design/Production-software Consulting

CAD/CAM/Design/Production-software Consulting
Short Description
Offer consulting, customisation, design and migration support around the application of CAD software.
In addition, I work as a consultant in the CAD/CAM/design/production environment and provide support in the organisation and reorganisation of work processes and interface problems.

I offer my services as described above around the application of CAD software in the field of CAD/CAM/design/production. A special know-how is available to me in the application of Bocad. This includes macros, basic set-up and special training.
Design support includes all services that I can provide for a project, such as design, assistance with design, coaching, training, macro creation, optimisation, customisation, migration, consulting, etc.
I provide my platform for digital permanent communication (screenshare/audio/video/chat/notes), a network drive for secure and fast data exchange as well as my Bocad licence (steel, wood and roof&wall).
Especially for large and geometrically demanding projects, I take the repetitive tasks in Bocad, optimise the input and then make the settings/macros/etc. permanently available to you. You can then use these yourself for further projects.

Software of the following categories is used
My background
21 years with AVEVA as technician and technical sales
My current fields of activity
Since October 2019, self-employed with Buhren-Consulting as a consultant and business analyst
My specials
Solving difficulties in process flows, restructuring, reorganization and organization. My specialty is the environment of CAD/CAM/design/production.
My offers
Consulting and design support around Bocad as well as business analysis to solve difficulties in process flows, restructurings, reorganizations and organization.
I am open to project requests
Communication in English is ok for me
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I work preferred
remote and on site
Wohnroder Str. 15
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Jörg Buhren
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