When do costs arise?

Costs arise when a product is sold in the marketplace. Then the operator takes a commission from the provider according to the price list. This only applies to sellers. Buyers only incur the costs that are stated as the selling price when they buy a product.

What is all free of charge?

The following modules are free of charge: Expert-Offers Experten-Searches Expert-Groups + community functions In the marketplace, creating a shop and offering as many products as you like is free of charge.

What is dincy.net?

dincy.net is a marketplace and community for professional users and creators of software (+plugins, libraries, services, etc.) in the fields of CAD, CAM, design and production. It helps you to get more out of your software and to perfect the application. Here, everything revolves around the software you use!

What is special about dincy.net?

dincy establishes all references via the software used. In this way, products, cooperation partners or job offers can be found in a targeted manner.