How do I create a bookable product?

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A bookable product is intended for services that can be scheduled and booked via a calendar.

The buyer can look for a free date in a calendar and book a service.

Example: Bookable one-day workshop/webinar with participant limit of 10 persons on 2 different dates

Only the necessary fields are described.

  1. Shop Manager -> Products -> Add New
  2. Selection list “Bookable product” with the options “Has persons” and “Virtual”. Leave the other options switched off.
  3. Enter Product Title
  4. Right of the title you can upload the product image preferably with 400×300 pixels.
  5. Below this, be sure to specify one or more categories, as well as a few keywords for the search engines further down.
  6. Enter “Short Description” and “Description”
  7. Subitem “Booking options” -> Set booking duration to fixed units of 1 day
  8. Subitem “Properties” -> Specify language and type of product
  9. Sub-item “Availability” -> “Minimum number of units” determines how much lead time is required for the booking.
  10. Sub-item “Availability” -> “Maximum number of units” defines how far in advance booking is possible
  11. Subitem “Availability” -> “All data are…” set to “not available by default”.
  12. Subitem “Availability” / “Rules” -> Set “Type” to “Date from-to”, set “From” and “To” to the same date and thus determine the specific day.
  13. Subitem “Availability” / “Rules” -> Set “Bookable” to “Yes”
  14. Another rule for a date can be added via the small “+” sign on the right-hand side
  15. Subitem “Costs” -> “Set price per unit” (i.e. per participant)
  16. Subitem “Number of participants” -> Set minimum (1) and maximum number of participants (10)
  17. Sub-item “Number of persons” -> “Multiply prices by number of persons” checkbox
  18. Subitem “YOAST SEO” is optional, but recommended
  19. Under “Toolset Woocommerce”, be sure to tick “Virtual” and enter a unique article number under “SKU”.
  20. Subitem “Product Policies” -> under “Policy Tab Label” -> enter “GTC” and either copy or link the GTC in the text fields below. Please note that there is a customisable sample GTC (in German) in the Buhren-Consulting shop that you can use.
  21. At the bottom there are the buttons “DRAFT” and “SUBMIT”. “DRAFT” saves the article as a draft and does not publish it yet. “SUBMIT” publishes the article directly.

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