How do I create a downloadable product?

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A downloadable product automatically offers a download option after purchase.

This allows the buyer to download the purchased data package directly.

Only the necessary fields are described.

  1. Shop Manager -> Products -> Add New
  2. Selection list “Simple Product” with the options “Downloadable” and “Virtual”. Leave the other options switched off.
  3. Enter Product Title
  4. Right of the title you can upload the product image preferably with 400×300 pixels.
  5. Below this, be sure to specify one or more categories, as well as a few keywords for the search engines further down.
  6. Define price -> Entry in “Price” is sufficient as a minimum
  7. Select Unit -> licence (single user), licence (free use) or licence (site)
  8. Enter “Optional Mini Description” which will be shown in the cart
  9. Enter “Short Description” and “Description”
  10. Enter the name in the sub-item “Downloadable” below and upload the zipped file.
  11. Subitem “Properties” specify the language(s) and type of the product
  12. Subitem “YOAST SEO” is optional, but recommended
  13. Under “Toolset Woocommerce”, be sure to tick “Virtual” and “Downloadable”, enter the “Regular Price” again and enter a unique item number under “SKU”. The option “Sold individually” should be checked so that only one download is possible per purchase.
  14. Subitem “Product Policies” -> under “Policy Tab Label” -> enter “GTC” and either copy or link the GTC in the text fields below. Please note that there is a customisable sample GTC (in German) in the Buhren-Consulting shop that you can use.
  15. Return and cancellation conditions do not apply as digital products are delivered as soon as they are paid for. The right of return then expires.
  16. At the bottom there are the buttons “DRAFT” and “SUBMIT”. “DRAFT” saves the article as a draft and does not publish it yet. “SUBMIT” publishes the article directly.

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